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Research and your data (Digital Products)

Digital mood and symptom checker, Data and Research Statement

ieso developed a mood and symptom checking product for an online campaign designed for people concerned about their mental health, but unsure whether or not they needed help: to help them take the first step towards finding out, and - where needed - to access evidence-based support, helping more people get treatment earlier, knowing this to improve their chances of getting better sooner and staying better longer.

We anonymised the personal data used to create a report and action plan for the individual before our research teams accessed it.

This data was then used to automate the mood and symptom checker, and this will inform the development of future digital products. Because we anonymised the data prior to research and analysis, an individual cannot be identified by our researchers or anyone who accesses this research data.

There is a global shortage of trained therapists and a worldwide mental health crisis. By automating the early parts of the care journey, we hope to free up therapists to spend more time delivering precisely targeted therapy, human to human.

Whenever ieso uses data, whether personal data, as in our other services and products, or anonymised data as in the mood and symptom checker, we comply with data protection regulations and information security requirements, and our research follows responsible and ethical guidelines.

If you want to find out more about research at ieso, please visit our data science page, or get in touch.