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Privacy Notices

Website privacy notice

These Privacy Notices cover personal information processing of data collected via the Site and/ or direct marketing/ business development emails, and reflect legal requirements and regulations.

Other privacy notices

These are the Privacy Notices that cover the supply of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy services provided online (the Service) through iesohealth.uk (the Site) and our research and product development activities.

Research and your data

Health researchers use data for multiple reasons to improve the access, assessment or treatment of mental health conditions, for example to establish if one treatment method is more effective than another; to see whether there are links between recovery rates, treatment methods, and patients' personal circumstances; and to develop digital products and services.

At ieso, we believe research can help provide a greater understanding of both the causes of mental illness and the effectiveness of treatments and interventions for different subgroups of patient, and we are passionate about learning from your personal data by conducting high-quality scientific research to feed into treatment and product development to further improve outcomes and help more people get treatment earlier.

For physical health, data-driven research has led to great progress in developing new treatments that help people get better sooner and stay better longer. Until recently though, in the area of mental health, there was comparatively much less data-driven research, and treatment methods have progressed at a much slower pace.We believe it is our responsibility to redress the balance and we want to be transparent about how we use data responsibly.

We have internal procedures in place to safeguard your privacy so that only the minimum necessary information is used to conduct the research on the most de-identified data possible, including anonymisation where possible.

Providers of NHS-funded mental health services in England are required to provide a specified set of data (Minimum Data Set) to NHS Digital, who use this to create a picture of services delivered around the country to check that quality standards are similar everywhere. Much of our research is based on this NHS Minimum data set, but we also use machine learning, natural language processing (NLP) and artificial intelligence (AI) on questionnaires, communications between you and your therapist, and on therapist summaries of the sessions.


It’s natural to have an interest in your treatment. People often want to know what we do, how it works and whether it will work for them. Here’s our take on some of the questions we often come across. If you don't see your question here, get in touch with us by submitting a question through our contact page here. We’ll be glad to help.


ieso is committed to delivering a high quality service. The views and experiences of the people that use our service are important to us and help us in the process of continuous quality improvement.


This demonstrates ieso has been granted the Cyber Essentials Plus certification for IT security compliance, ISO 27001 certification for information security management system (ISMS), ISO 9001 certification for a quality management system (QMS), ISO 13485 certification for medical device management.

Terms and Conditions

These are the terms for the supply of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy services provided online (the Services) through http://my.iesohealth.uk (or such other websites we may make available to you for providing the Services) (Site).

For patients

NHS Opt Out Transparency Statement - How the NHS and care services use your information

ieso is a Business Partner to the NHS, providing services to the NHS in areas where they are commissioned, working to improve care for patients and the public.

In a health emergency
Call Samaritans on 116 123 if you need to talk to someone
Call 111 if you’re experiencing a mental health crisis
Call 999 or go to A&E if your life Is at immediate risk
Call 116 123 talk to someone
Call 111 mental health crisis
Call 999 life is at immediate risk