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Feel better with mental health treatment you can trust

Join over 125,000 people who’ve used our one-to-one typed therapy.
ieso is free and available to many NHS patients across the UK.
It only takes a minute or two to check if typed cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT)
is available to you.

We'll support you every step of the journey

If mental health issues are getting the better of you, try typed therapy with ieso. 

ieso therapists provide text-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) informed by a scientific understanding of what works, why it works and when it works best.

1   Getting you started

We’ll ask you some questions to check your eligibility and help match you with a therapist.

Scheduled appointments

2   Treating you quickly

Once you’re matched, you’ll be able to book your first online appointment, day or evening.

3   Helping you recover

Your therapist will help you break down your problems and practise new skills between sessions.

Interaction between patient and therapist
Quality service

4   Seeing you thrive

Your therapist will follow your progress closely, and you can check in with them between sessions.

5   Supporting you after

We’ll check in on you after treatment ends, and you can access your session resources anytime.


We'll support you every step of the journey

If mental health problems are getting the better of you, try online therapy with ieso. 

Our therapists provide text-based cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) informed by a scientific understanding of what works, why it works and when it works best.

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What we treat

From trouble sleeping to anxiety to depression, mental health issues can affect many of us in different ways. ieso therapists treat a range of common mental health symptoms.

What people say

We’ve helped thousands of people feel better.
Here are their stories of recovery and growth.

CBT has helped me become much more self aware in many areas of my life, over and above the difficulty that prompted me to apply, so even though sessions have ended I use what I have learned to help me navigate life every single day. Do try this. It may not be for everyone but you may be surprised how much it can help you and even change your life!


I cannot praise ieso highly enough... I have learnt so much and have many tools that I can now use to remind me of all I have learnt. You need to, and are expected to, put in effort to try and help yourself, along with so much help, empathy and kindness from your therapist.


Following instructions, I started exercises and after two or three sessions started to feel the benefit. All I can say is, give it a go, it can't make you feel worse only better.


After 12 sessions with my amazing therapist I left with a variety of tools to help me manage my anxieties going forward. It’s helped me more than I thought and I have a strong well-being plan in place for the future.


I found the format - online text based - very easy to do and clarifying. The structure of the sessions enabled me to better frame my issues, understand my behaviour and find new ways to behave.


I could download the whole therapy session afterwards to re-read it and think about it. I had a good number of sessions and felt at the end that I had made real positive progress!


Meet the therapists

ieso therapists are committed to a lifetime of learning about the techniques, tools and treatments that help people recover. We’re united by a passion for continually getting better, so we can help people get better.

Improving treatments. Improving how the world sees mental health.

The mind is the least understood part of our bodies. Treatment of physical health issues is increasingly precise and sophisticated but the world knows so little about what makes mental healthcare successful and why. At ieso, we're bringing precision to mental healthcare using over 700,000 hours of autonomous therapy data, deep analysis and science, to bring you the therapy that’s likely to work best for you.

People often ask us...

It’s natural to have an interest in your treatment. People often want to know what we do, how it works and whether it will work for them. Here’s our take on some of the questions we often come across.

How long do I have to wait for my first appointment?

Once you have activated your account, a therapist will be in touch to schedule the first appointment. Your first session is usually a maximum of 10 working days from sign-up (though in very busy periods it can take a little longer).

Where will I meet my therapist?

You will meet your therapist online at a time that suits you, so you can attend treatment sessions from wherever you want. This means you won't have to travel, take time off work or explain your situation to your employer.

How long before I feel better?

ieso doesn’t provide a pre-set number of sessions. We offer you the right number of sessions needed for your treatment. Practicing the CBT techniques, you will learn between therapy sessions will help you feel the benefit more quickly. But, as a rough guide, we can typically address mental health issues like anxiety and depression in 4-8 sessions.

What happens after treatment?

After your therapy sessions have ended, you’ll be able to log in to the ieso site for 20 years after discharge, allowing you to access all of your sessions, messages and goals to remind yourself of the skills you’ve learnt. If you find yourself feeling worse again or experiencing new difficulties, you can go back and use this information. However, you are welcome to return to therapy if you are still struggling. *

*Provided you’re still registered with a GP in an area where we’re contracted by the NHS.

Why do I have to do questionnaires?

We totally understand that when you just want some help, completing questionnaires can be frustrating. We wish there was another effective way. Unfortunately, we can’t safely allocate you a clinician and start your treatment until all the assigned questionnaires are complete.

‍The questionnaires help your clinician understand you and your current state of mind. And they’ll help you to check your progress and flag up any problems. The NHS also requires everyone to complete these questionnaires. This is why, throughout your therapy, you'll be asked to complete the questionnaires before each session.

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If you would like to find out about other mental health support options available in your area, visit the NHS website.

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