Privacy Notices

We are committed to protecting your privacy and confidentiality.

Last updated 7th September 2017


Our privacy notices explain what personal information we collect, how it is used, shared, secured, stored, and how you can exercise choices and manage your data

We understand that the privacy and confidentiality of all the personal information, especially the transcripts of therapy sessions, is important to you, and our internal policies and procedures reflect this and the need to share the minimum information necessary

We will not sell or use or share your personal information for direct marketing or other promotional purposes. The Privacy Notices prohibit this.

Below we have provided links to

  1. an Overview of Privacy Notices, which is a summary of the full Privacy Notices and from which you can click through to the full notice; and
  2. the Privacy Notices (full version). Please be aware that it is the full version to which you are agreeing to have read and understood when you register with our service

Click here for an Overview
Click here for the Privacy Notices (full version)