Ieso Digital Health Complaints Procedure

Our commitment

Ieso Digital Health is committed to delivering a high quality service. The views and experiences of the members that use our service are important to us and help us in the process of ensuring continuous quality improvement.

There may be an occasion when you are dissatisfied with the services you have received. When this happens, please contact us. Also, if you are satisfied with the services you have received, please also let us know. Your feedback allows us the opportunity to identify ways we can improve our service.

What is a complaint and how is it different from a grievance?

Complaints are defined as issues that can typically be resolved quickly, such as dissatisfaction with the therapist relationship, needing additional information about our services, or response times that are too long.

A grievance is a formal written or verbal complaint that is made by a member, or your representative, regarding your care, abuse or neglect, issues related to your rights, billing, or Ieso’s compliance with regulations or laws.

Grievances, which are formal complaints, can be submitted while you are receiving care from Ieso or after you have completed treatment. Complaints and grievances can be made by current or former members who have used Ieso's service, a relative, a care giver, or a legal representative or anyone else you choose. Complaints can also be made on your behalf. If someone else files a complaint for you, we will need your written consent to make sure we only share confidential information with the individuals you want discussing your information.

How to File a Complaint with Ieso

There are a few different ways you can file a complaint about the services you have received, how your health information has or has not been shared, your therapist, or Ieso Digital Health. This information is also available in the informed consent document you received with your welcome message.

Ieso Digital Health

I understand, and agree to, contact the Patient Services Team Manager with any complaints I may have, and I also understand that filing a complaint will not result in any form of discrimination or retaliation.

Ieso Digital Health
Patient Services Team Manager* 1-855-650-1040

This is not an encrypted email transmission. Please do not include in your message any information that is personally sensitive or confidential.

How We Will Deal With Your Complaint

We will document all complaints that are made, and will acknowledge and respond to your complaint within 1 business day. We will acknowledge and respond to grievances (formal complaints) within 3 business days.

Grievances will be addressed within 10 business days, unless additional time is required. If more time is needed, we will let you know.

All complaints will be investigated promptly. You will receive a final letter informing you of the outcomes of our investigation.

Need Help Making a Complaint

If you need help filing a complaint to Ieso Digital Health, please email or call 1-855-650-1040 to reach our Patient Services Team Manager.

If You Are Dissatisfied with the Outcome

If you are unhappy with Ieso Digital Health’s response, please know you may also file a complaint with your healthplan and/or the State licensing board. When we make our final determination, you will be given the contact information for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office for Civil Rights or the U.S. Department of Regulatory Agencies Division of Registrations in your resolution letter, as applicable.

Other Options for Filing a Complaint

State Licensing Board

I also understand that I may contact the applicable state licensing board to file a complaint. California Board of Behavioral Sciences

Texas Department of State Health Services, Professional Licensing and Certification Unit
Attn: Complaints Management and Investigative Section
P.O. Box 141369
Austin, Texas 78714-1369 Phone: 1-800-942-5540
Download a copy of the complaint form and instructions

Washington State Department of Health
Attn: Health Systems Quality Assurance Complaint Intake
P.O. Box 47857
Olympia, WA 98504-7857
Phone: 360-236-4700
View the Complaint and Disciplinary Process

Florida Board of Clinical Social Work, Marriage & Family Therapy and Mental Health Counseling, Consumer Services Section
Attn: Department of Health
4052 Bald Cypress Way, Bin C75
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-3260
File a Complaint using the Florida Health Care Complaint Portal

Mississippi State Board of Examiners for Licensed Professional Counselors
Attn: Health Systems Quality Assurance Complaint Intake
239 North Lamar Street
Jackson, MS 39201
Office: 601-359-1010 Fax: 601-359-1030
View the Complaint Process and Instructions

Mississippi Board of Examiners for Social Workers and Marriage & Family Therapists
350 West Woodrow Wilson Avenue, 1st floor, Suite 761
Jackson, MS 39213
Office: 601-987-6806
Fax: 601-987-6808
View the Complaint Process and Instructions

Louisiana LPC Board of Examiners
Attn: Disciplinary Affairs Committee
8631 Summa Avenue
Baton Rouge, LA 70809
Office: 225-765-2515
Fax: 225-765-2514
View the Complaints Process and File a Complaint

Louisiana State Board of Social Work Examiners
18550 Highland Road, Suite B
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70809
Office: 225-756-3470
View the Complaints Process and File a Complaint

If you are in crisis, or need help dealing with one - do not use this site. For immediate help, please call the National Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, or text HOME to 741741.