Providing members with access to quality-controlled, evidence-based treatment. Anytime, anywhere.

Ieso dramatically improves access, efficiency, affordability and efficacy of mental health treatment. Member access is simple – therapy is delivered online at a time and location convenient to them, by a provider best matched to treat their disorder. Ieso improves recovery rates and lowers overall health care costs.

While 1 in 5 adults in the US experience mental illness in any given year, only 41% receive services - in part due to accessibility issues and the stigma associated from seeking behavioral health care. All while billions of dollars are wasted on medical and surgical treatments that don’t effectively address underlying mental health issues.

Technology advances remove access barriers of location, provider referrals, or a member’s ability to juggle their personal schedule with providers’ availability. Further, personal communication preferences are changing due to the rapid adoption of smartphones and text messaging (US mobile users send 561 million messages each month).

Healthplans need an innovative solution that combines ease of access for members with evidence-based behavioral health practices; a solution that outperforms traditional face-to-face therapy in both outcomes and costs. Ieso is that solution.