Ieso Digital Health Accelerates U.S. Growth with Significant New Investment from Draper Esprit & Touchstone Innovations

Unique Digitally Enhanced Behavioral Healthcare Service Closes $24M Funding Round to support expansion and R&D acceleration in the United States and United Kingdom.

Ieso* Digital Health, a pioneer in digital delivery of behavioral health in the U.K., today announced the close of a new $24M round of funding. This new investment from leading European venture capital firms Draper Esprit and Touchstone Innovations will be used to accelerate the expansion and scaling of Ieso’s unique technology augmented services in the U.S. and the U.K.. “We are delighted to have secured the backing of some of the world’s most active and influential investors in the digital healthcare market,” said Dan Clark, CEO of Ieso Digital Health. “Dr. Vishal Gulati and the team at Draper Esprit, combined with the expertise of Touchstone Innovations, will allow us to build on the existing momentum in the U.S. market driven by our clinical results.” he added.

The $24M round of financing is the largest investment raised by a digital behavioral health business in Europe. It is indicative of the growing interest in digital health solutions that improve access, affordability and quality, while enabling healthcare to evolve into a system that is moving from volume to value-based payment systems. “Because of its focus on clinical results, Ieso has been at the forefront of the clear and long over-due movement from volume to value based reimbursement,” continued Clark. “Put simply, unlike the existing subscriber-based services, Ieso only does well, if the patient does well.”

The demand for behavioral health services in the U.S. is clear and growing–SAMHSA estimates spending on mental health will grow to $238B by 2020. Ieso has taken a unique, intentional, research-based approach to building a secure, written conversation platform to facilitate meaningful, personalized, highly effective, confidential care. The system uses proven, evidence-based approaches to treatment, which ensure superior adherence to clinical models. Ieso has been proven in-service to deliver high quality outcomes to patients and significant cost-efficiencies for health systems, by delivering clinically proven outcomes in around half the sessions typically seen in traditional CBT therapy delivery [1].

Ieso provides real time, actionable, dynamic, clinical insights to the high quality network of therapists which means patients receive better care and get well more quickly. Furthermore, Ieso invests significantly in continuous professional development for its therapists to ensure quality control and promote retention. Ieso has achieved momentum in the U.S. since launching in 2016 and recruiting a highly experienced management team in-market. The company has gained further traction most recently with a number of new sales alliances, and will soon announce several new contracts signed with significant market providers, as well as significant growth of business from existing customers.

“This financing is a great vote of confidence in Ieso’s ability to become a global leader in mental health delivery and our technology which lies at the intersection of online evidence-based CBT, dynamic artificial intelligence learning, real time therapist support and mobile accessibility, ultimately creating high quality, accessible CBT therapy,” concluded Dan Clark, Ieso’s CEO. “Up to 60% of people in the U.S. alone have unmet behavioral health needs. This presents a major opportunity for Ieso to make a radical impact on healthcare outcomes and costs. With our technology and clinical data science we are simultaneously improving patient outcomes and reducing costs to the healthcare system.”

This is a significant milestone for Ieso Digital Health and allows it to accelerate commercialization and product development activities to better serve the millions of patients currently unable to access high quality, clinically-proven mental health care in the community. Ieso Digital Health is on track to be the leading evidence-based behavioral health-care company in the United States.

[1] source Mayo Clinic

*Proununciation Ieso (eye-E-so)

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