Getting Started with Ieso's Online Therapy

Getting Started with Ieso's Online Therapy

When taking the step to see a therapist online for short-term (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) CBT therapy, it is helpful to know what to expect. There are different forms of therapy out there, and while all types of therapy have the goal of helping you feel and function better, there are some big differences in how they achieve that goal. Some people have an image of going to lay on a couch in an office, and just “letting it all out” while the therapist sits in a chair behind them and doesn’t say a word. That is definitely not the method in CBT, although if you are doing online therapy sessions, you can certainly lay on the comfort of your couch or bed and type back and forth with your therapist!

  • First, you can expect to work with a licensed therapist that has training and experience dealing with the kind of problems you are experiencing.
  • Second, know that research has shown that CBT therapy is the most effective form of psychotherapy, helping people with a wide variety of mental and physical health conditions to make lasting improvements over time.
  • In the beginning, online therapy sessions will include your therapist asking a lot of questions; the purpose is to truly understand your situation, what you would like to work on changing in your life, and to determine background information about you that will help in achieving your goals. Common issues that people come to therapy to address include persistent feelings of depression, anxiety, or stress, and the ways that these can affect your self-esteem, day-to-day functioning, relationships, and even physical health and well-being.
  • Your therapist may have you fill out a few questionnaires before each therapy session. These will help your therapist to keep track of your symptoms and monitor how they are changing (hopefully improving!) over the course of your time working together. It is important to answer the questions as openly and honestly as possible to give your therapist an accurate idea of your current status each week.
  • The next step is to decide on treatment goals. This means that you and your therapist will decide on some specific outcomes that you want to achieve during your work together. The best goals are those that are specific, measurable, feel reasonable, and that have a time-frame attached to them…think “who, when, where, how?” Don’t worry if this feels overwhelming at first. Your therapist will help you figure out goals that feel right and meet these criteria.

If you are considering online therapy sessions, why not give it a try? You will be in good company, as many people of all generations and backgrounds are finding this to be a convenient, effective way to get the support and knowledge they need to feel and function better!

To learn what happens during an Ieso online therapy session visit: What to Expect During Ieso’s Online Therapy?

If you’re not at risk to yourself or others, an excellent therapy option is with Ieso Digital Health for online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. To determine eligibility, you can easily reach out by going to:

Written by Lauralyn Miles, Ph.D. - U.S. Lead Clinical Supervisor

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