Apply to Become an Ieso Therapist

If you are looking to challenge yourself and work in an environment that fosters collaboration and creativity, then join the Ieso provider network.

Ieso is looking for reflective, scientific practitioners who are curious about the cutting-edge developments happening in mental health. Ieso providers are passionate individuals who want to fulfill their potential and give the best quality care to their patients.

Providers must be licensed and credentialed in a state in which Ieso operates.

Questions? Contact us at

The Application Process

  • Fill out and submit your application
  • Complete our credentialing process. Ieso uses a designated credentialing organization that will help you through the process of credentialing to join our provider network
  • Provide proof of liability insurance. We require that you maintain Professional Liability Insurance (coverage at a minimum level of $1,000,000 per episode and $3,000,000 aggregate except where state or client requirements are more stringent)
  • Complete our provider agreement. This agreement allows us to send you patients, share PHI (protected health information) as it relates to treatment, payment, and operations, and defines the relationship between Ieso and you, as a provider in our network
  • Complete an online new therapist training course. This is a 1 hour course that will teach you how to use Ieso’s system, engage in clinical supervision, and reviews HIPAA and compliance requirements
  • Let us know your availability, desired caseload, and payment details so we can allocate you an appropriate caseload with like availability, and reimburse you for the therapy provided
  • Log on and start seeing Ieso patients! Once you’re ready to roll, we’ll start sending clients your way


If you are in crisis, or need help dealing with one - do not use this site. For immediate help, please call the National Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255, or text HOME to 741741.