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Therapists - Bonus scheme

  1. Ieso Digital Health (UK) Limited (“Ieso”) has established a bonus scheme for the first 50 new step 3 affiliates that join Ieso’s network of therapists on or before 30th September 2021 (“the New Affiliate Bonus Scheme” or “the Bonus Scheme”).

  2. The New Affiliate Bonus Scheme is available only to the first 50 candidates who can meet Ieso’s current selection criteria for step 3 therapists and who enter into (and comply with) Ieso’s standard contractual and data privacy documents on or before 30th September 2021. Copies of those documents will be made available to candidates applying to Ieso.

  3. The Bonus Scheme is not open to therapists that (i) are supplied as agency workers to Ieso by an employment agency; or (ii) are currently working for Ieso at the date the Bonus Scheme is publicised.

  4. Candidates intending to work as step 3 therapists must currently hold one of the following qualifications: BABCP accredited therapists, HCPC registered Practitioner Psychologists, Chartered Counselling or Clinical Psychologists (provided that all such Psychologists must have completed level 2 CBT training).

  5. The bonus payments are intended to incentivise and reward new affiliates who maintain and complete a certain caseload during the first 6 months of their engagement with Ieso.

  6. There is a minimum caseload of 5 cases and bonuses will be paid for successfully managing a 5, 7 or 10 patient caseload by completing at least a certain number of patients within the 6 month period. Where we refer to a caseload, this means the minimum number of cases a therapist will take on at a given time.

  7. For a patient to be treated as having been “completed” by a new affiliate for the purposes of the Bonus Scheme, the following rules apply:

    (a) the patient must have received a minimum of 3 treatment sessions with the new affiliate;
    (b) any cancelled sessions or sessions that the patient did not attend are not counted towards the session totals; and
    (c) the patient must be discharged by Ieso.

  8. New affiliates will need to specify whether they wish to take a 5, 7 or 10 patient caseload but the bonus will be rewarded based on the results of reaching certain thresholds of patients who have completed therapy.

  9. The numbers of patients required to be completed by a new affiliate and the amount of the bonus paid by Ieso to a new affiliate will be as follows:

    (a) for completion of a 5 patient caseload, £500 which is payable when 10 patients have been completed and discharged;
    (b) for completion of a 7 patient caseload, £700 which is payable when 14 patients have been completed and discharged;
    (c) for completion of a 10 patient caseload, £1,000 which is payable when 20 patients have been completed and discharged;
    The above sums are not cumulative. The bonus will be paid for the caseload specified and agreed with Ieso either at sign up or subsequently by mutual agreement.

  10. Ieso will award the bonus as the patient caseload targets are met. Bonuses will be paid in the payment run that occurs in the month after the target has been reached by the new affiliate.

  11. On the basis that new affiliates will be self-employed contractors, bonus payments will be paid without deduction of tax or national insurance to the new affiliates. The new affiliate is responsible for accounting for, and payment of, tax or national insurance due in respect of the bonus payments.

  12. The New Affiliate Bonus Scheme is non-contractual. Ieso reserves the right to revise, extend or withdraw the New Affiliate Bonus Scheme at any time. Any new affiliate has the right to stop participating in the Bonus Scheme at any time should they change their mind.

If you have any questions regarding the Bonus Scheme please contact a.dawson@iesohealth.com

Ieso Digital Health (UK) Limited

24th August 2021

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