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Ieso's response to COVID-19

While the NHS has diverted efforts into managing Covid-19, we want to ensure the UK’s mental health service is supported.

With normal pathways to treatment likely to be disrupted, Ieso is open, increasing online therapy capacity, and here to help partners and patients.


Another update from our CEO

Our CEO, Nigel Pitchford’s letter to partners reinforces that we are not only open and treating our patients as normal, but we are here to help as demand for mental healthcare increases. In a time when people need mental healthcare more than ever before, our key priority is to continue delivering a high-quality service and help as many people get access to the treatment they need - all from the safety of their homes.

Read Nigel Pitchford's update on COVID-19.

Seek help now; we're ready to treat you

As many more people acknowledge they are feeling low due to the extraordinary circumstances we are living through, you may think that what you are feeling is normal or that your symptoms are not severe enough to get support. Our Chief Clinical Officer, Sarah Bateup writes to reassure that this is not the case, and encourages those who are feeling distressed, anxious or depressed, to reach out for help.

Read Sarah Bateup's message

We're here to support you

This page offers resources and latest developments for both the clinical and healthcare commissioning community to share what we are learning in the midst of the crisis. Together we can manage easier access to treatment for mental healthcare patients during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Free download: How to deliver effective and safe therapy online.

Download our free resource pack aimed at clinicians to support the delivery of effective and safe therapy using digital methods.

COVID-19 vlog series aimed at clinicians

How clinicians can prepare to treat patients using digital methods

What to consider for housekeeping when moving to digital methods

How communication in-between therapy sessions can amplify outcomes and reduce the number of sessions needed.

Four things Ieso has learned in the early days of lockdown in the UK.

Commonly observed phenomena when moving to non face-to-face therapy methods.

Covid-19 themes in Generalised Anxiety Disorder therapeutic content.

Your mental health questions answered

How to manage symptoms of health anxiety during the coronavirus outbreak.

How to manage symptoms of low mood during lockdown.

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