1:1 CBT for your patients, for less

Give your patients access to high quality CBT, at any time, with no need for additional clinicians.

Ieso provides an end-to-end, fully managed online CBT service to treat patients at both Step 2 and Step 3, to help you to meet NHS access targets, reduce waiting times for your service and help to increase your recovery rates.

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Helping you to increase access

With a growing population and an increased focus on holding mental healthcare to the same standard as physical healthcare, IAPT services are under more pressure than ever. Ieso’s scalable, online solution allows more people to access high quality CBT, particularly hard to reach groups who generally struggle to engage with traditional methods of delivering therapy. 65% of therapy appointments with Ieso take place outside of traditional office hours, meaning thousands more people are able to access the help they need, at a time that works for them. With a network of over 600 highly trained affiliate CBT therapists and PWPs, integrating with Ieso can relieve the strain on current IAPT workforces. This increased capacity not only allows you to treat more people, but frees up internal IAPT clinicians’ time to focus on providing the best quality care to those patients that require face-to-face therapy.

Referrals shot up this month. Ieso allowed us to meet our targets for the first time in history. We wouldn’t have been able to achieve this without all of your amazing work.

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Helping you to reduce your waiting times

Drive down your waiting times by integrating Ieso fully with your existing psychological wellbeing service, managing everything from assessment to discharging. Or let Ieso handle your existing waiting list, offering patients that are already waiting, the opportunity to choose online and access treatment more quickly. With such a vast network of affiliate therapists and PWPs, with no physical barriers to overcome, we are able to get people into treatment quickly and efficiently. 97% of patients are assessed and enter their first session within 6 weeks of referral, helping you to manage increasingly challenging waiting targets.

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Increasing your recovery rates

Ieso’s current recovery rate is 55% with a target to achieve 65% by 2020. Through delivering therapy online, we have access to thousands of hours of anonymised therapy transcript data. We are using this to build an understanding of what good therapy really looks like. This knowledge informs all the training and support tools given to the therapists and PWPs that work with us, so that they can treat patients in the most effective way possible. This insight allows us to continue pushing our recovery rates for patients beyond the current average and is paving the way towards achieving our ultimate vision; to transform the quality of mental health care delivered across the board.

Ieso were a clear stand out from the analysis we did against other providers – it was useful that they had outcome data already based in IAPT services. It meant I could reassure myself that they had good outcomes in IAPT services.

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Utilising technology to improve patient excellence

Our patients sit at the heart of everything we do at Ieso. Our service has been built by clinicians with a passion for providing the very best in patient care and safety. From continuous monitoring and improvement of patient outcomes, down to our risk and safeguarding protocols, we are always looking for ways to improve patient care.

For the first time ever in therapy, utilising technology, we are able to track every interaction between a therapist and a patient both during sessions and in-between. Not only does this allow our clinical supervisors to provide highly detailed feedback to therapists, but it is helping us build an understanding of what truly good therapy looks like. These insights are fed back into training for therapists and PWPs, meaning they are always delivering therapy that really works.

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Let us lighten the load with integration at every level

We don’t just deliver treatment to your patients, we integrate entirely with your service to provide a fully managed, end to end cognitive behavioural therapy service. Ieso is home to a large team of clinicians, learning and development specialists, data scientists, operations and patient services managers and technical developers that continuously work on improving every aspect of the patient experience. Our teams work with you on everything from mobilisation to patient marketing and reporting to ensure you are achieving the best rates of access and outcomes possible.

With Ieso, the key is in the details. Having worked with IAPT services for 7 years we understand the challenges that a service faces every day. Because of this, we regularly assess our care pathways, to ensure that every process is scalable and outcome focused, as well as optimised to improve take up and reduce drop out. This is how we are able to help our customers achieve their own targets in a cost effective way.

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What makes Ieso different from the rest?

At Ieso we are driven by our vision of making mental healthcare accessible to everyone. We believe in a world where patients should have a choice in how and when they access quality mental health treatment. One in which no one should have to wait, nor should their physical health, financial status or location determine the quality of treatment to help them get well and stay well.

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