High quality therapy available anytime, anywhere

Providing high-quality therapy at the scale required to meet access targets, and at the quality required to get patients better, can be challenging.

We offer world-class mental health treatment and work with our partners to give their patients a choice about how and when they access treatment to help them get well and stay well.

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How Ieso works

We provide therapist-led cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) to patients with a range of conditions including depression, anxiety, social phobia and OCD. We have our own network of therapists who deliver therapy online, to improve access and outcomes.

Our therapists meet with patients online for their appointments and communicate using typed conversation. Patients can access the typed transcripts and can message their therapist between appointments on our secure platform. Appointments can be scheduled anytime, and patients can conduct them anywhere – all they need is a laptop, tablet or smart-phone.

Our unique therapist learning tools, developed from monitoring performance and learning what works in therapy, means that we can continually improve the standard of treatment, driving up patient outcomes.

Ieso were a clear stand out from the analysis we did against other providers – it was useful that they had outcome data already based in IAPT services. It meant I could reassure myself that they had good outcomes in IAPT services.

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Why choose Ieso?

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Open up access to care for your patients

The NHS Long Term Plan pledges to increase access by 2023/24, with an additional 380,000 people accessing NICE-approved IAPT services.

Ieso’s technology offers hard-to-reach patients access to the help they need. With no waiting lists, patients are typically in treatment within days of referral

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Offer your patients the greatest chance of recovery

The only way to measure quality of care in a traditional face-to-face setting is by measuring outcomes. This means that therapists are unable to get feedback on their performance, and clinical leads have no way of knowing whether good therapy is being delivered.

We monitor every interaction between our therapists and patients, and by combining technology and data science we are building an understanding of what good therapy really looks like. Armed with this knowledge, our therapists are delivering therapy that really works.

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Reduce your waiting times for mental healthcare

Free up your internal resource by offering patients the option of having digital therapy with Ieso. By giving your patients choice, you will free up capacity, reduce waiting times, and give your therapists the time to deliver the best-possible care to those that require face-to-face treatment.

Ieso is a service that was built by clinicians

Our clinical team at Ieso sits at the heart of the service.

From our continuous monitoring and improvement of patient outcomes, down to our risk and safeguarding protocols, patient care and safety are at the heart of our service.

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How Ieso works with you

We don’t just deliver the treatment; we integrate with you to provide you with an end-to-end fully managed service.

Ieso is home to a large team of clinicians, learning and development specialists, data scientists, operations and patient service managers, and technology developers.

Our teams work with you on everything from mobilisation to patient marketing and reporting to ensure that you and your patients achieve maximum benefit from the Ieso service.

Who are our therapists?

The Ieso therapist network is no ordinary network of clinicians.

Ieso therapists are passionate individuals who want to fulfil their potential and provide the best quality care to their patients.

Our network of carefully selected BABCP accredited therapists receive continuous training and support from Ieso through the supervision we offer and through our specialist learning and development programme.

Ieso's therapists

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