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WMHD 2018: UK Mental health wait list crisis

"Any solution that does not address convenience, transparency and technology will not contribute to a truly accessible mental health care system" – Rob Brougham, UK MD of Ieso Digital Health.

The Royal College of Psychiatrists latest survey makes for stark reading and highlights how people living with diagnosed mental health issues still face unacceptable waiting times to access care and support. Failure to provide prompt treatment to people with common mental illnesses often leads to worsening and more complicated symptoms that are harder to treat and in certain cases tragically leading to suicide.

Mental ill health touches every one of us in one way or another. Whether personally, professionally or through friends and family. Tackling the scale of our mental health crisis requires innovation, technology and clinical excellence. Ieso’s digitally-enabled solution is creating a smarter and better way to serve patients, by meeting them online, on their mobile, PC or tablet, providing connected and convenient psychological support.

Digital mental health solutions need to be prioritised. The benefits of digital mental health are clear and offer vast potential for patients and health providers. However, technology adoption remains a big challenge. Many NHS procurement departments and organisations look to innovations to produce short-term cash-releasing savings, rather than identifying where innovations can transform care pathways and lead to more accessible and efficient services.

Our latest clinical study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry Open shows how our advanced technology and data collection at scale is deepening our understanding into what really works in therapy, projecting a future where data-driven discovery can transform mental health care delivery. Read our full study here: https://bit.ly/2P7hkSf

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