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UK MD, Rob Brougham speaks at national summit on how digitally-enabled mental healthcare is redefining outcomes in treating depression

June 25th 2018, Disrupting IAPT: Can digital pathways 'change the game' conference, De Vere Conference Centre, London,

“Digital mental healthcare pathways are delivering game-changing outcomes in the treatment of depression” according to Rob Brougham, UK MD of Ieso Digital Health, speaking today at Disrupting IAPT: Can digital pathways 'change the game' a national summit, chaired by Jeremy Clarke CBE, bringing together industry leaders to discuss the challenges and opportunities for innovation, ahead of the publication of the new NICE guideline for depression.

Ieso is the UK’s leading provider and award-winning pioneer of clinically validated, digitially-enabled mental healthcare, available through the NHS, IAPT programme. Ieso is making high-quality therapy accessible, accountable and affordable for the first time by combining the power of technology with personalised care. Ieso works with IAPT services across over 40 CCG footprints.

According to Rob “Many people seeking therapy for mild to moderate depression with the NHS, still face long waiting times, with 1 in 10 having to wait more than a year to be seen leading to minor problems becoming major ones (1). Nearly two-thirds of people with a known mental condition never seek help from a health professional (2) and yet most of them carry a mobile phone around with them every day. By combining digital technology with the knowledge and experience of qualified expert clinicians we are seeing the real-world impact of how Ieso is redefining mental health, removing barriers and stigma by meeting patients where they are; on their mobiles and on PC.”

Mental illness is the UK’s biggest health challenge. It is the single biggest cause of disability with over 12.5 million working days lost each year representing a cost of £26bn to British businesses. In 2017 NHS England spent £9.7 billion alone on mental health. For sufferers of depression and their families, the cost to their wellbeing is beyond monetary measure.

  • 66% of all Ieso therapy sessions now take place out of standard 9-to-5 office hours and at weekends
  • 48% more patients complete Ieso’s therapy, compared to the national average for treatment
  • Greater flexibility of online therapy sessions offered by Ieso is reducing appointment no-shows by 31% compared to average national figures for traditional therapy

Speaking about the impact that Ieso Digital Health is making, Rob Brougham said:

“These new figures provide more evidence showing how Ieso’s digital care pathway is giving patients with depression a much better experience by connecting them to clinicians in real-time and meeting them beyond 9-to-5 enabling them to have high quality care, quickly and conveniently, without having to adapt their life to their condition.”

(1) NHS Digital (2) Mental Health Foundation, Fundamental Facts 2016

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