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UK government selects Ieso Digital Health to participate in the Digital Outcomes & Specialists Framework

UK government selects Ieso Digital Health to participate in the Digital Outcomes & Specialists Framework

Ieso Digital Health, flagship provider of digital therapy announces today that it has been successful in meeting all of the UK Government requirements to be included on the Digital Outcomes and Specialists framework, allowing public sector entities such as NHS trusts and academic institutions to procure Ieso’s services more conveniently.

Ieso’s offering through the framework is a digital therapy service connecting patients and therapists online for one-to-one cognitive behavioural therapy delivered in real time. The service increases patient access to high quality mental health treatment, and helps services to improve their patient outcomes and reduce their waiting lists in a sustainable manner.

The Government’s Digital Outcomes and Specialists Framework is an initiative that provides public sector services with easy, efficient and transparent access to approved digital service suppliers, encouraging digital transformation of public sector services.

Frameworks like this support public sector services to be more innovative and faster moving in their digital initiatives.

Rob Brougham, UK Managing Director of Ieso Digital Health commented:

“We are really pleased to now be a Government approved supplier of digital therapy to public sector services. This is all part of our goal to open up access to care for patients in need, and making it as easy as possible for our customers to procure services like us that can help them do this, will only help further our cause.

At Ieso, we strongly believe that high quality mental healthcare should be available to everyone who needs it, and that digital therapy plays a key part in making this happen.

We hope that being on the framework will encourage public sector entities to commission digital services like Ieso to help their staff, students or patients through difficult times when they need it.”

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