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The UK’s leading provider of online therapy - Ieso Digital Health - welcomes the Government’s announcement that the NHS is to receive an additional £20 billion each year.

As the UK’s leading provider of online, evidence-based mental healthcare, Ieso Digital Health strongly welcomes the announcement by Prime Minister, Theresa May that the NHS is set to receive a further £20 billion a year in funding by 2023.

One in four people in the UK are affected by mental health conditions and one-third of all GP appointments are related to mental health concerns. Mental health is the single biggest cause of disability and over 12.5 million working days are lost every year because of stress, depression or anxiety. Despite widespread evidence showing that CBT is effective in treating a very wide range of mental health conditions, accessing face-to-face CBT can be difficult due to long waiting lists, perceived stigma and cost.

Speaking about this development, Rob Brougham, UK MD of Ieso Digital Health said:

“We hope there will be a significant ring-fencing of these new monies for mental health, to accelerate delivery of high-quality care where it is urgently needed. The UK currently only provides care to a fraction of the people who need help. We need to do things differently as traditional nine to five mental health services are not sustainable and do not adequately serve vulnerable mental health patients.

The Government has already laid out an ambitious, progressive and inclusive vision for mental health in the UK and one that recognises the fact that new approaches such as online digital health, will be front and centre in helping to deliver this level of transformative change.

It is essential that this new funding is directed to world class digital technologies, to firstly help to rapidly scale up delivery of quality mental healthcare to achieve better patient outcomes in a more convenient way and secondly to support new technologies that have the capability to transform mental healthcare into a fully functioning digital health eco-system that has real impact on people's lives.”

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