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"Technology and big data are key to solving UK’s mental health crisis” Sarah Bateup, Chief Clinical Officer at Ieso Digital Health

Speaking Wednesday 20th of September 2017 at ‘Mental Health: Implementing the Five Year Forward View’ at the Royal Society of Medicine, - Sarah Bateup, Chief Clinical Officer at Ieso Digital Health, the UK’s leading provider of online evidence-based cognitive therapy CBT said:

“Ieso Digital Health is already leading the charge when it comes to using technology to advance mental health. Requiring only an internet connection, patients can access Ieso’s CBT therapy platform and connect with a therapist on their own terms, and in the setting that is most comfortable to them. Lack of access to care is often the first barrier and blockade to people receiving treatment.”

“While big data has transformed everything from sports to politics to education and business, it is now time in mental health that we catch up and find ways to help shape the use of big data to enable evidence-based therapy to become universally accessible and affordable.”

“Data is really important to us at Ieso and it’s one of the things that really differentiates us and sets us apart. We have developed an invaluable and world-class clinical dataset containing more than 2 million quantifiable, clinical data units which can enable Ieso technology to become a game changer in the delivery of mental healthcare within the next five years.”

“Clinical research shows that therapists vary widely in effectiveness. At Ieso for the first time ever, our technology enables us to monitor and analyse therapist adherence to clinical protocols. We can also uniquely understand what it is that therapists who get really great clinical outcomes are doing in the therapy room and disseminate this to enable all our therapists to benefit from this learning.”

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