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Our position on COVID-19: Supporting our partners and patients with easily accessible mental health care.

We're open, we're building our online therapy capacity, and we're here to support the NHS in any way we can, over the coming months.

Remote access to mental health care has never been more critical than it is today, where more people may need access to treatment while grounded at home.  With the wide-ranging impact of COVID-19, we expect a growing number of people to struggle with their mental health at a time when access to face to face therapy will be very limited. Ieso Digital Health is committed to enabling online and 'at home' access to mental health treatment for as many patients as possible across the UK during this very difficult time.

Our CEO, Nigel Pitchford's letter, explains that we are not only open and treating our patients as normal, but we are ramping up our capacity so we can support getting new patients into treatment quickly – all from the safety of their homes. As people struggle to cope with changing circumstances, our efforts are focused on providing a remote therapy service to support our NHS partners and IAPT patients by doubling down on resource, fast-tracking training and increasing hours of therapy provision.

As the situation with COVID-19 evolves, we will be on hand to help our partners manage increasing demand and switch to an online modality, where appropriate. Mental health treatment pathways across the NHS are going to look very different, possibly for some time, and we want to reassure the IAPT community that we are ready to respond to demand in new and innovative ways.

We currently have the capacity to treat new patients and adding capacity all the time by securing more hours with our current therapists, engaging new therapists and fast-tracking the onboarding of psychological wellbeing practitioners (PWPs). We are open to all conversations with any of our current contracts and any other NHS mental health services who want to enable patients to access treatment from home.

For our current service partners, we can quickly create a self-referral service to help manage demand as it increases. We are also offering our online therapy platform, without charge, to enable any of your therapists, who are also Ieso therapists, to transition their face to face patients to online therapy.

For any CCGs who don't currently partner with us, we can set up a self-referral service for you rapidly, enabling current and future patients to access online therapy if they wish.

To enable the whole mental health community to learn to cope with this exceptional situation, we will be sharing learnings from our treatment platform over the next few months on our dedicated COVID-19 CBT Learnings page. We are encouraging all online mental health providers to join us in sharing expertise and learnings at this challenging time.

If you would value a conversation to explore options for your service, please contact us using this form to set up a call quickly.

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