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Ieso study shows depression being overlooked in chronically ill

A new Ieso study shows that depression and anxiety going untreated in chronically ill patients.

For millions of people in the UK, chronic illnesses and depression are facts of life. As World Mental Health Day approaches, Ieso Digital Health, the UK’s leading provider of online evidence-based cognitive behavioural therapy CBT puts the spotlight on depression and anxiety amongst people already coping with a chronic illness. Ieso presents the findings of a new, independent survey of 1,500 individuals managing some form of long term illness. This study’s main findings show that:

  • 86% of people living with a chronic illness have experienced depression and/or anxiety.
  • Almost half have had no access to, or have undertaken any therapy (47.6%).
  • Almost two thirds (66.5%) said their chronic illness prevented them from getting out and about.
  • 55+ year old sufferers most likely to suffer in silence (81%).

What is a chronic illness?

Any health problem requiring ongoing management over a period of years or decades and one that cannot currently be cured but can be controlled with the use of medication and/or other therapies. This includes serious, long term medical illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, cancer, epilepsy, arthritis, asthma, COPD and diabetes.

Why online therapy such as Ieso offers hope for people with a chronic illness:

Access to therapy is very often out of reach for people living with a long term illness, due to mobility issues, travelling distance, waiting lists, accessibility restrictions or simply just a lack of awareness that they can get therapy online.

Online therapy offers fast and accessible treatment for individuals living with a long term illness and also suffering with depression or anxiety.

Sarah Bateup, Chief Clinical Officer at Ieso Digital Health says:

“The risk of clinical depression is often higher in individuals with serious long term medical illnesses, such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes.

Recognition and treatment of anxiety or depression is crucial as depression worsens the course of a chronic illness. Symptoms of depression are frequently masked by these other physical illnesses, resulting in treatment that addresses the medical symptoms but not the underlying depression or anxiety.

As our study shows, immobility is a big issue for people living with a chronic condition. Online therapy such as Ieso is ideal for those individuals who find that, pain, fatigue and other debilitating symptoms make it difficult to get out of the house, have a disability, or people who simply prefer to access therapy in the privacy of their own home. Online therapy is also eliminating long waiting lists as therapy can be accessed within 48 hours.”

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