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Ieso Hits Major Milestones in 2019 Moving into Digital Therapeutics (DTx), Launching Step 2 CBT and Achieving 55% + Revenue Growth from 2018

Ieso Hits Major Milestones in 2019 Moving into Digital Therapeutics (DTx), Launching Step 2 CBT and Achieving 55% + Revenue Growth from 2018
  • Eight Billion Minds launched to deliver data-driven DTx that addresses global shortage of mental health therapists.
  • Ieso Step 2 therapy made available to NHS CCGs for the first time.
  • 55%+ growth achieved in revenue and patient numbers from Step 3 ie-CBT.
  • Delivery of over 90,500 IAPT therapy sessions in England and Scotland in 2019.
  • Mental health treatment delivered to 50,000 individuals by Ieso since 2013.
  • Clinical trial launched to measure the effects of diabetes-focused CBT intervention on the mental health and sense of control for people with type 2 diabetes.

Ieso Digital Health, a leader in internet-enabled cognitive behavioural therapy (ie-CBT), is pleased to announce a momentous 2019, with many significant milestones met.

Having been crowned business of the year at the Business Weekly awards and joining the Future Fifty Cohort early on in the year, Ieso went on to launch its DTx programme, Eight Billion Minds, in September to realise its vision to remove barriers in mental healthcare for millions of people globally. That same month, Ieso expanded its ie-CBT service to include Step 2 therapy to help address the 76.6 % of NHS IAPT (Increasing Access to Psychological Therapies) referrals needing low intensity mental health treatment. The service will be fully available to all NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) from January 2020.

These big steps aren’t the only accomplishments for the company. Already a leading IAPT provider of Step 3 ie-CBT services to NHS CCGs across England and Scotland, Ieso grew the number of NHS CCG partners it interacts with from 63 to 74, delivering over 90,500 treatment sessions to nearly 13,000 patients. This compares to 52,388 treatment sessions to 8,000 patients in 2018. Ieso has now treated more than 50,000 mental health patients in England and Scotland since 2013, another huge milestone for the company in 2019.

To support this growth, Ieso launched the world’s first AI-enabled CBT tool for therapists in March, providing insights about each patient during the assessment stage of therapy. Based on analysis of tens-of-thousands of online CBT sessions using deep learning, this tool helps therapists manage patients more effectively by providing advice on the patient’s condition and the severity of their symptoms.

“Looking back at what we’ve achieved, we really have had a strong year at Ieso, not only in terms of exceeding our revenue targets, but also in how we are developing our ThinkWell platform,” said Nigel Pitchford, CEO at Ieso Digital Health. “By integrating AI to provide data-driven insights for therapists, and evolving our platform to support step 2 therapy, we are laying the foundation for our new DTx product that will deliver ground-breaking, accessible psychological therapy to all on a global scale through Eight Billion Minds.”

Applying deep learning to gain insight into clinical outcomes and psychotherapy is not new for Ieso. With access to a unique data-set of over 200,000 hours of anonymised recorded therapy, Ieso has trained a deep learning model to automatically recognize the content of language during mental healthcare treatments. In August 2019, it announced a first of its kind research paper which revealed the features of psychotherapy that are related to clinical outcomes and patient improvement. The paper ‘Quantifying the association between psychotherapy content and clinical outcomes using deep learning’, is published in JAMA Psychiatry, a peer-reviewed and highly-cited journal with more than 4.8 million article views and downloads annually.

Research plays a huge part in Ieso’s DNA , and in July Ieso was featured in the World Economic Forum report, “Empowering 8 Billion Minds and Enabling Better Mental Health for All via the Ethical Adoption of Technologies”, published by the Global Futures Council on Neurotechnologies. Focused on the ethical use of technology in mental healthcare, the report explores how technology offers opportunities to scale mental healthcare access, if challenges on data privacy and individuals’ rights are addressed.

Finally, to wrap the year up, Ieso has launched a clinical trial to measure the effects of online, diabetes-focused CBT intervention on the mental health outcomes of patients with type 2 diabetes. With 25% of those diagnosed with diabetes reported to struggle with depression and 40% with anxiety, Ieso will treat approximately 500 patients to help understand whether treating a mental health condition in the context of diabetes has a positive impact on mental wellbeing and diabetes management for patients. This research is conducted with support from Roche Diabetes Care Limited.

“Our work will carry through to 2020, as we build out our network of Psychological Wellbeing Practitioners (PWPs) to support step 2 CBT, roll out our diabetes trial to understand more about clinical outcomes of specifically-focused CBT, continue to support our therapists and build our position in DTx. By continuing to be a front-runner in deep learning we aim to create the next generation of mental healthcare solutions based on our unique real-world clinical data, something no other digital healthcare company has. This is the just the start and I look forward to working with the team to take our business to the next level,” concluded Nigel Pitchford.

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