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Ieso Digital Health has been shortlisted for ‘Best Digital Innovation in Mental Health’ in 2018 PPiMH awards

Ieso Digital Health the UK’s flagship provider of clinically validated digitally-enabled mental health care has been shortlisted for best digital innovation in mental health in the 2018 Positive Practice in Mental Health (PPiMH) awards.

By combining the power of technology with personalised care, Ieso is redefining the way that mental health care is delivered by making high-quality care accessible, accountable and affordable for the first time. Ieso is available through the NHS Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme.

Speaking about being shortlisted, Rob Brougham, UK MD of Ieso Digital Health said: “Being shortlisted for this PPiMH award is a great achievement for all the team at Ieso Digital Health and an excellent endorsement of our technology and leadership in digital health. Ieso’s unique digitally-enabled care pathway is helping to create transformative change in mental health care by giving individuals easy access to high-quality care and meeting them where they’re at; online, on their mobile, PC or tablet. Digital innovation is at the heart of what we do, continuously enhancing and improving our service to help patients get better faster.”

The Positive Practice in Mental Health is a user-led multi-agency collaborative of seventy-five organisations, including NHS Trusts, CCG’s, Police Forces, third sector providers, front-line charities and service user groups. The PPiMH awards aim to disseminate positive practice in mental health services by working together across organisations and sectors, to facilitate shared learning, and to raise the profile of mental health with politicians and policymakers.

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