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Ieso Digital Health extends its product offering in expanding market for psychological therapies

Ieso Digital Health, an innovator in the rapidly growing field of psychological therapy, has today expanded its product offering with the launch of Ieso Elements, a platform enabling the NHS and other providers to deliver internet enabled cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) themselves, using their own therapist workforce.

Building on their experience of delivering internet enabled CBT on behalf of over 20 NHS Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) across the UK, Ieso Digital Health are now affording the NHS with the tools to deliver the therapy themselves using written (typed) conversation at a time that is convenient to both the patient and the therapist. Evidence shows that clinically led digital platforms can provide readier access at significantly reduced costs, while achieving outcomes as good as face-to-face psychological therapy.

For the first time, using Ieso Elements, providers will be able to monitor therapy data and use it to continually improve therapy quality, and develop their therapists’ skills. This enables mental health service providers to meet their performance targets and maximise their outcomes, without incurring additional costs. Working online also allows therapists to work flexibly and over time reduce overhead costs of using physical appointment spaces.

In addition, as there is no time spent travelling to appointments, therapists have increased capacity to take on more patients. The flexibility that online therapy offers to patients, increases patient engagement and widens accessibility, especially for hard to reach patient groups. This comes at a time when the government has announced additional investment of £600 million in mental health services with a view to improving access to psychological therapy.

Barnaby Perks, chief executive of Ieso Digital Health said:

“We are pleased to offer the NHS a method of delivering mental health treatment which enables providers to achieve more with their current resources and maximises patient outcomes, at a time when, despite new investment, money remains extremely tight. We see this approach as having wide utility in the UK and other markets.”

Sarah Bateup, Clinical Lead of Ieso Digital Health, added:

“What is unique about Ieso Elements is that clinicians and providers can access therapy data, in a way that cannot be done with face to face therapy. The quality of therapy that patients receive can therefore be enhanced and staff training can be personalised to support sustained outcomes and service improvement over time, making for a compelling value proposition."

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