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Ieso Digital Health announces new research collaboration with Roche Diabetes Care

Ieso Digital Health announces new research collaboration with Roche Diabetes Care

Collaboration will study integrating digital therapeutics to treat both the physical and mental health of patients with diabetes.

Ieso Digital Health, the UK’s flagship provider of digitally-enabled mental health care has today announced details of an innovative research programme in partnership with Roche Diabetes Care, to test Ieso’s mental health care interventions in patients with type II diabetes in the UK and Ireland.

The aim of this programme is to demonstrate that those diabetes patients with mental health issues can be successfully identified and their depression or anxiety treated, through an integrated, holistic approach – ultimately leading to better and more effective management of their whole condition.

Ieso has successfully treated over 30,000 patients suffering from common mental health disorders and brings its clinical and technical expertise for treating mental ill health, complimenting Roche’s extensive experience in the care and treatment of diabetes.

Every year the NHS spends an estimated £14 billion pounds on treating diabetes and its complications [1]. Furthermore, diabetes patients are three times more likely to be diagnosed with depression than people without it [2]. Depression can have a serious impact on a patient’s well-being and ability and motivation to self-manage their diabetes, frequently leading to poor outcomes.

Ieso’s personalised, digitally-enabled and clinically-validated [3] care will help patients to more effectively manage their depression, anxiety or psychological distress. Even in diabetes patients where there is no diagnosable mental health condition, individuals often struggle with the medication schedule, dietary requirements and general lifestyle changes which are essential for managing the disease effectively and will also benefit from Ieso’s psychological support.

The Ieso platform will be optimised for diabetes patients and Ieso’s therapists will help change patients’ attitudes and behaviours and improve their quality of life. In the pilot phase of the exercise, Ieso and Roche will study how overcoming psychological or mental health issues can improve physical outcomes and reduce healthcare costs.

Andy Blackwell, Group Chief Science & Strategy Officer of Ieso Digital Health, said: “We’re very excited to announce this research collaboration with Roche Diabetes Care, which we believe will deliver an integrated behavioural change solution that can really help improve the lives of people with diabetes.”

Brett Lewis, General Manager of Roche Diabetes Care UK & Ireland, said: "I'm delighted to be embarking on this important research programme with Ieso, whose pioneering cognitive and behavioural interventions are already demonstrating very positive results in treating depression and anxiety. We look forward to getting started and in bringing forward much needed help for people with diabetes.”

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[2] NICE Clinical Guideline 1990
[3] Kessler, D. et al. (2009) Therapist-delivered internet psychotherapy for depression in primary care: a randomised controlled trial. Lancet. 374: 628-34

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