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Funding awarded to Ieso Digital Health by Innovate UK will advance research to transform patient outcomes in mental healthcare.

Ieso Digital Health, the UK’s flagship provider of digitally-enabled mental healthcare, is leading a project to dramatically improve mental healthcare treatment thanks to over £600,000 in funding from Innovate UK. The funding will be used to accelerate Ieso’s pioneering work to advance digital mental healthcare solutions.

This grant was awarded as part of Innovate UK's ‘Digital Health Technology Catalyst Round 2’ which aims to speed up the development of commercial digital health solutions.

Ieso is developing advanced software technology which integrates cognitive and behavioural biomarkers into a digital therapy platform. This allows the detection of patterns of thoughts and behaviour that may indicate changes in a patient’s mental health.

This information, in the hands of a clinician, allows care to be delivered in a more tailored manner to patients, by adapting the course of an intervention according to their biomarker indicators. It will also enable clinicians to act preventatively when those signs present themselves, offering people top-up interventions or getting them into immediate care, to avoid relapse.

Dr Andy Blackwell, Group Chief Science and Strategy Officer of Ieso Digital Health said: “Ultimately, this is about accelerating improvements in the standards of mental health treatment that patients are receiving. We need to be intervening in a more timely way and act preventatively to stop people from suffering mental illness at all. Sometimes it’s hard for people to notice deterioration in their mental health until they are in a crisis. If our data set can identify those signs earlier, we can offer a more personalised intervention to patients, increasing their chances of recovering and staying well.”

Dr Valentin Tablan, Senior Vice President of Artificial Intelligence of Ieso Digital Health said: “Being able to access accurate data, collected passively by internet-connected devices, is a great advance in behavioural health, made possible by recent technological advances. The cognitive and behavioural biomarkers we are extracting from the data will help our therapists devise interventions that are better suited to the patients’ needs, helping more people get better faster. Even more exciting is the use of these same biomarkers for relapse prevention, early detection of symptoms and, ultimately, for preventing the onset of mental health conditions altogether.”

Ieso Digital Health is an award-winning pioneer of clinically validated and digitally-enabled mental health care and is redefining the way that mental health care is delivered by making high-quality cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) accessible, accountable and affordable for the first time. The company recently announced it is the first provider in the world to augment one to one therapy in real-time with advanced analytics, machine learning, and natural language processing technologies.

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