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Five ways technology is transforming mental health delivery in the UK

Five ways technology is transforming mental health delivery in the UK

As a part of raising awareness on World Mental Health Day, Dan Clark, CEO of Ieso Digital Health, the UK's leading provider of online CBT, discusses how technology is transforming mental health delivery in the UK.

1. Big data is the big game changer in mental health:

“Big data is really important to us at Ieso and it’s one of the things that really differentiates us and sets us apart. We have developed an invaluable and world-class clinical dataset containing more than 2 million quantifiable, clinical data units which will enable Ieso technology to become a game changer in the delivery of mental healthcare within the next five years. By using large sets of data we can identify patterns that are otherwise hidden and hard to detect.”

2. Machine learning & artificial intelligence:

“The nature of traditional face to face therapy makes it extremely challenging to leverage collective learning, which is why Ieso’s platform is so exciting. Ieso is using this data set to create breakthrough artificial intelligence which has enormously exciting implications for the future of mental health. For example Ieso technology can:

  • For the first time ever, monitor therapist adherence to protocols and provide continuous, real-time learning to our network of 500+ therapists
  • Overhaul the management of previously difficult-to-treat mental health conditions
  • Continuously improve and optimise patient treatment programmes
  • Continuously improve treatment protocols
  • Ieso’s collective intelligence means that each therapist will be able to benefit in real-time from the experience and opinion of Ieso’s network of 500 therapists too.”

3. Building highly effective & secure online networks:

“Ieso’s platform is breakthrough technology that is creating transformative change in mental health in the UK. We are already achieving 16% better patient outcomes compared to UK national average [1]. Our mobile and web enabled platform enables therapists and individuals to connect securely. Ieso’s platform brings together a network of more than 500 accredited cognitive behavioural therapists and have treated more than 16,700 patients [2]. Ieso’s method was validated in a randomised clinical trial published in The Lancet. To date more than 16,700 patients have been treated using Ieso Digital Therapy. Our technology has also reduced treatment length by 30% [3].”

4. Patient-centred mental health:

“Combining patient-centered care principles with technology improves overall health care outcome significantly. Our patient portal makes it possible for patients to view their therapy transcripts in between appointments which patients say is enormously beneficial, as it keep it fresh in their mind. They can also text their therapist in between appointments which is not possible with face to face therapy. People living with a mental health condition can often wait months, and even years, before getting an appointment – meaning they don’t get the treatment they need, when they need it and where they want it. Worse still, evidence shows that untreated depression can last longer and recur more often. More than 64% of Ieso appointments happen outside of office hours. We can also provide an appointment within 48 hours and so are eliminating long waiting lists. Additionally, Ieso can be used by those who do not live near a therapist, or who are not feeling confident enough to attend a therapist or individuals with mobility issues, so we are reducing stigma too - a major barrier for treatment.”

5. Investment in technology companies:

“With mental health services across the UK struggling to meet access and quality targets due to budget constraints, this has opened up enormous opportunities for technology to drive greater efficiency. This leaves the door wide open for digital health companies such as Ieso. The health technology sector specifically behavioral health sector has seen significant investment in the UK and US this year including Ieso. Last month (Sep 17) Ieso successfully closed a funding round securing £18.5 million of funding from Draper Esprit, Touchstone Innovations, Ananda Social Ventures and Cambridge Angels.”

[1] NHS Digital Apr 16 – Mar 2017, of every 100 patients triaged, 32.4 patients recover with Ieso, compared to the national average of 27.1 patients

[2] Completed Ieso patient appointments since 2013 to Aug 31 2017

[3] NHS Digital Apr 16 – Mar 2017, Ieso averaged 5.57 sessions of CBT per completed patient compared to the national average of 7.92 sessions of CBT

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