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Exciting developments for the Ieso Clinical Conference

Exciting developments for the Ieso Clinical Conference

Clinical excellence is at the heart of everything we do at Ieso and we are always looking for ways to support our affiliate clinicians in their personal development. As part of this, the annual Ieso Clinical Conference has become a staple in our events schedule, providing a great opportunity for all our therapists to come together, learn and share ideas whilst gaining necessary Continuing Professional Development (CPD) accreditation. This year there have been some exciting developments in the way the event is run.

What is the clinical conference?

The Ieso Clinical Conference is a yearly event that has been running since 2014. Aimed at our network of affiliate therapists and clinicians, the clinical conference is a chance for this remote based network to come together and build on their clinical skills and knowledge through seminars from our most senior clinicians and world leading academics in cognitive behavioural therapy. It is also an excellent chance to socialise and share ideas with peers.

Why do we do the clinical conference?

The BABCP states that ‘engaging in regular CBT specific CPD is regarded as an essential component of promotion of good and safe practice of CBT’ and that to retain accreditation with the BABCP, CBT therapists should engage in at least five specific CPD activities each year with a minimum of 6 hours of skills development overall within them. The clinical conference accounts for 8 hours CPD, whilst also offering an invaluable opportunity to discuss learnings with peers and reflect on their own ideas.

The conference also supports in building a community for our clinicians. Working remotely can sometimes make it harder to feel connected to the wider community, but the conference gives clinicians the chance to meet in person, build relationships and collaborate with others. Ieso’s clinical conference is a tailored learning experience, with subjects chosen specifically based on our data. This unique data set helps our clinical team see exactly which areas of clinical practice our clinicians could benefit the most from learning more on and the programme is built around this, selecting professionals that are acclaimed in these fields.

What makes this year so special?

Following the success of previous years, and as part of our commitment to making this highly regarded event as accessible to every clinician as possible, this year the event will be split over two different dates and locations. The first event will be held on Saturday 16th November 2019 at ORTUS Centre 82-96 Grove Lane, London SE5 8SN, with a second instalment taking place in March 2020 in Manchester for those based further north.

Information about the conference, including the full agenda for the day can be found on The Hub and this year there will be four exciting workshops to choose from in the afternoon. Ieso clinicians can book into the session of their choice through The Hub once they have registered their place.

Another significant development of this year’s clinical conference is that with the launch of Ieso’s Step 2 service for IAPT, this will be the first year that Ieso’s newest affiliate PWPs will also be in attendance and welcomed to this important community.

We are incredibly proud of the Clinical Conference and excited to now be able to welcome even more clinicians along to this important event over the two days.

If you have any questions about the Clinical Conference, joining our clinical affiliate network or anything else about life at Ieso, please feel free to get in touch or email info@iesohealth.com.

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