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BNA Christmas Symposium

Don’t miss us at this year’s BNA Christmas Symposium, ‘Mental health: What presents has neuroscience left under the Christmas tree?’ Monday 12th December at KCL, Strand campus.

The BNA Christmas meetings are always very popular, and demand for tickets has been high once again.


  • The impact of genes and the environment on adolescent mental health, Louise Arseneault, KCL
  • The evolution of antipsychotic medicines – what does neuroscience have to do with it? Oliver Howes, KCL
  • Celebrating Christmas: what is alcohol doing to your brain? Anne Lingford-Hughes, Imperial
  • Funding for mental health research, Sophie Dix, MQ
  • Fear and anxiety, Oliver Robinson, UCL
  • Understanding paranoia: A voice hearer's perspective, Peter Bullimore
  • Online approaches to the treatment of mental illness, Andy Blackwell, Ieso Digital Health Ltd
  • The pharmacology of emotion, Emma Robinson, Bristol
  • Emotional processing and mental health, Catherine Harmer, Oxford

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