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Ieso speaking at 2020 IAPT Good Practice Forum

Ieso speaking at 2020 IAPT Good Practice Forum

Come and meet us at the 2020 IAPT Good Practice Forum on Friday 24th April 2020 at the Holiday Inn, Liverpool City Centre, Liverpool.

The forum is a fantastic opportunity for you and your colleagues to learn, share and discuss the different challenges you are facing and foster new ideas for how you can improve the day to day running, and in turn the long term efficiency, of your service.

This year the key themes for the day will be:

  • Good IAPT service delivery: a look at a service user’s experience and what we can learn from them, reassessing the IAPT manual and what makes a good service and a discussion around what’s working in your service
  • Preventing vicarious trauma: what steps can we take to protect our workforce and a discussion around how different services currently deal with vicarious trauma
  • Leadership and the impact on staff wellbeing: a look at what makes a good leader and how you can improve your leadership style and have a positive impact on your staff
  • Workforce strategy and planning: how can you calculate capacity and demand to ensure you have a good strategy for dealing with increased demand on your service and a discussion around ideas that other services are putting in place to meet this demand.

We'll be speaking about the challenges that services face when trying to balance their workforce across different areas of the service. Putting more of your PWP workforce into assessments to reduce the build up of people waiting there can then cause wait times to build for those waiting to access treatment and vice versa.

Come along and listen to find out how one mental health service managed to successfully counter this problem through working with Ieso.

Members of our team will be at the event all day answering questions about:

  • Ieso’s new Step 2 service
  • How online CBT can help services increase the capacity of their workforce
  • How outsourcing areas of service delivery such as out of hours appointments and guided self help can help relieve pressures on your service

We’d love to meet you on the day and answer any questions you might have. If you’d like to speak to one of our team please feel free to book in a time slot.

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