Discover what it is like to work at Ieso

At Ieso we are committed to delivering world-class mental healthcare.

When a patient refers themselves to Ieso, they are connected with one of our experienced, accredited CBT therapists. This is the start of their journey with Ieso, which will see them receive high-quality, one-to- one 100% therapist-led CBT, online via written conversation. At Ieso, our patients are at the centre of everything we do.

We want to make more patients better.

Current Opportunities

An illustrated image of two female and two male Ieso employees standing in a line.

The employee view

The team at Ieso are passionate about what we do. The staff work together to help more people get the help they need.

Each employee at Ieso has a unique range of skills and experience that play an integral part in helping Ieso’s service to grow. No matter what your talent is, Ieso provides an environment where you can develop and challenge yourself.

Talent and commitment are rewarded at Ieso and there is always opportunity for career growth and personal development for those who demonstrate ambition and excellence in their contribution to the service.

Being a part of the Ieso community

The company is built on a foundation of collaboration, respect, support and trust.

We know that innovation and creativity depend on staff feeling happy, trusted and valued. At Ieso, everyone is listened to and empowered to take on roles and projects that play to their personal strengths and interests.

Being part of Ieso feels like being part of a family. We work hard together but friendship also underpins the community at Ieso, and we enjoy ourselves as a company and make time to socialise outside of work regularly.

In an emergency
Call 111 - if you urgently need medical help or advice but it is not a life threatening situation
Call 999 - if you or anyone else is in immediate danger or harm
Call the Samaritans 24 hours a day on 116 123