We're open and still helping people every day. Our 700 accredited CBT therapists are ready and here to support you too.Please come forward, and help us to help you.

Reduce burnout and boost morale with 1:1 mental healthcare for your employees.

Show your commitment to mental health with our online therapy service for your employees. Our network of qualified therapists deliver 1:1 therapy online. Secure, private, and available seven days a week, your employees can book their therapy sessions quickly and easily and do them from home at a time that suits them.

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The high cost of mental health to employers


of all working people in the UK are living with a diagnosed mental health condition.


of mental health conditions go undiagnosed and untreated.


Is how much mental health costs employers on average per employee every year. Comprises 22.5% absenteeism, 55% presenteeism and 22.5% staff turnover

Why Ieso?

  • Experienced and trusted we’ve treated over 71,000 NHS patients, covering nearly half the UK
  • High recovery rates our recovery rates are high and rising each year, thanks to our research
  • Out-of-hours capacity flexible appointment times from 6am-11pm, seven days a week
  • Confidential and secure access therapy securely from any device with WiFi for treatment in complete privacy.
  • Employee-friendly process we are set up to help employees understand, engage with and benefit from treatment.

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“Offering mental health treatment is a clear demonstration that the company cares and lives by its values. It also normalises the experience of common health conditions.”

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Why 91% patients would recommend Ieso to their family and friends

Patients rate us Excellent on Trustpilot - read 300+ reviews.
  • Anonymity option of typed therapy means completely privacy
  • No waiting start treatment straight away, no long wait
  • Flexible appointments appointments available 6am-11pm, Mondays to Sundays
  • Low bandwidth Ieso platform does not require a fast internet connection for typed therapy
  • Session records for life patients can review all their therapy sessions records forever

How does it work?

We provide effective, evidence-based treatment for common mental health problems, helping employees feel better, return to full performance at work and enjoy life again.

Setting up a mental healthcare service for your employees with Ieso is quick and easy.

  • Tell us about your employees and their wellbeing challenges and we’ll recommend a tailored package of treatment.
  • Our dedicated account team will mobilise the service and support with messaging and assets to share the service with employees.
  • Employees access the service by signing up online, quickly and confidentially.
  • We nurture each employee seeking treatment from assessment to treatment to make it easy for them to engage with therapy.
  • You’ll receive regular reporting on take up and recovery rates and we’ll discuss ways to improve access and treatment.

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In an emergency
Call 111 - if you urgently need medical help or advice but it is not a life threatening situation
Call 999 - if you or anyone else is in immediate danger or harm
Call the Samaritans 24 hours a day on 116 123