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Precision mental healthcare

Ieso unifies clinical, academic and technical innovation to transform mental healthcare. We develop digital tools and smart automation to treat more precisely, enabling faster recovery and improving clinician capacity.

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We are uniquely placed to transform mental health

We are expert clinicians, scientists and technologists working together to improve how mental healthcare is delivered, all over the world. We bring precision to the prevention, assessment, diagnosis and treatment of mental health. We’ll help you transform your care pathway now and deliver breakthroughs to continuously improve efficiency and effectiveness over the long term. Read our peer-reviewed studies.

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Breakthroughs in understanding

Hundreds of thousands of therapy sessions are continuously processed through our proprietary AI models to establish patterns and evidence of what works in access and treatment, revealing how patients successfully recover.

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Breakthroughs in clinical treatment

Our data-driven clinical expertise is used to develop precision tools that support every stage, including prevention, assessment, treatment and discharge.

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Breakthroughs in access

Our digital tools make it easier for people access mental healthcare service or self-help service and automate appropriate elements of care, increasing access to evidence-based high quality care.

Watch our TEDx talk: Artificial Intelligence Meets Mental Health Therapy

Our digital tools

We help mental healthcare providers to reach and assess, treat and keep people with common mental health disorders, such as stress, anxiety and depression, well. Explore three areas we are applying our research to make care more effective and efficient. Interested in discovering how we might help your organization succeed? Fill out our partnership form below”.

Prevention, Early Detection and Monitoring

Help prevent mental ill health, intervene early or reduce the chance of costly relapse.

  • Emotional health check - regularly gauge mental wellbeing to detect and intervene quickly
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Assessment and Triage

Accelerate the process of determining the right course of treatment.

  • Assessment - automates the clinical assessment process, saving valuable clinical time

  • Triage - recommends the appropriate clinical treatment pathway and flags risk factors

Treatment and Recovery

Optimise clinicians’ time and provide personalised, flexible treatment options.

  • For patients - companion tools used between therapy sessions, for faster recovery

  • For supervisors and practice managers - align the right therapist to each case and intervene early when cases are off track

  • For therapists - support with most effective diagnosis and treatment protocols

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