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CPD for therapists

Ieso Guest Speaker Programme of CPD Workshops 2021

We are very excited to launch our new guest speaker programme, a series of free online workshops exclusively for Ieso therapists. We have already secured our first three guest speakers and are currently organising more, so if you have requests, please let us know!

All workshops will be held online and fully interactive. You'll be able to interact with the speaker and engage with the live Q&A.

All live attendees will receive a CPD certificate. Sessions will be recorded and made available to watch on-demand at a more convenient time.

On demand

  • How to use the Clark and Wells protocol to treat Social Anxiety Disorder

    This tutorial will be held on TeamsLive (and will be recorded for those who cannot attend) by Clinical Training Lead, Joanne Adams.

    Drawing on your experience of treating SAD online and using case examples, this interactive tutorial will:

    • Summarise the Clarke and Wells protocol for SAD
    • Consider adaptations we may need for typed therapy
    • Consider adaptations for anyone still isolating as a result of the coronavirus pandemic
    • Highlight the value of behavioural experiments and particularly stooge behavioural experiments
    • Signpost to the new stooge behavioural experiments process and answer any questions

    Joanne Adams
    Clinical Training Lead

On demand

  • Living and working online - wellbeing workshop

    As clinicians, looking after ourselves is so important, so we’d like to invite you to join us for this Living and Working online interactive workshop.

    This will be delivered by Counselling Psychologist Dr Carole Francis-Smith, who is passionate about supporting clinicians to work safely and effectively online.This two hour workshop is designed to help us understand some of the hidden challenges involved when living and working more online.

    Whether you work with Ieso’s patients as a typed Therapist or a PWP or are considering offering video therapy, you will find this workshop essential.

    The workshop will include:

    • Hands up on who is working/has experience of different modes of CBT (telephone, Instant messaging, email, webcam)
    • Input on transitions between modes that have different qualitative elements
    • Positives and challenges of transitioning to video therapy
    • Introduce ideas on how the internet is designed to work
    • Introduce ideas on how humans work – emotional regulation system (3 circles – drive, threat, soothing/grounding)
    • Identifying any potentially hidden triggers with working online
    • Focus on positively managing our wellbeing using the 3 P’s

    Dr Carole Francis-Smith
    Counselling Psychologist

CPD workshop registration

Register to watch the sessions live or to watch on-demand at a later date. Simply select each workshops you wish to attend from the list above and complete the registration form below.

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