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Treating mental health: CPD webinars for GPs

Assessing and making an appropriate referral for a mental problem in a short appointment is incredibly challenging. We provide Continuous Professional Development webinars to support clinicians in areas Ieso Digital Health is commissioned.

Our webinars are practical and focused on helping GPs treat mental health conditions more effectively and efficiently. Ieso Digital Health provides online CBT so webinars will demystify digital care pathways but the knowledge and skills shared in the webinar are applied to all modalities of CBT and other evidence-based talking therapies. Webinars are provided free to all GPs and clinicians in areas we are commissioned. We’ll love to welcome you to a session.

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Putting online CBT to work: how to quickly assess patients for CBT treatment and motivate them to self-refer (and recover!)

Online CBT is effective in treating many difficulties from anxiety and depression to sleeplessness and the emotional element of long term conditions. During this webinar you will learn exactly how online CBT works, the symptoms it is and isn’t suitable for and how to quickly assess patients for online CBT and motivate them to start and successfully complete treatment.

In this CPD session, you will learn:

  • The conditions or symptoms online CBT is (and isn’t) suitable for e.g. PTSD, body dysmorphia, trichotillomania, coping with diabetes, IBS, chronic pain, long Covid and many more
  • What online CBT looks like
  • Conversation starters and patterns that use time well and manage risk
  • How to tune in to clues that online CBT may help your patient
  • How to explain online CBT to one of your patients and motivate them to complete treatment
  • Onward referrals - when online CBT isn't the best option
  • The truth behind some of the common misconceptions surrounding online CBT

The webinar takes 30 minutes. Optional self-reflection activities are provided for completion for a full hour of CPD.

Choose the date and time that works best for you.

  • Friday 16th April - 1.30pm
  • Thurs 22nd April - 8am
  • Monday 26th April - 4pm

To sign up for "Putting Online CBT to Work", email us the date you'd like to attend and we'll send you access details in due course.

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