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Refer a therapist to work with Ieso

For every successful referral, you'll get a £25 John Lewis voucher.

Refer a therapist

*Terms and Conditions apply, see below.

  • Terms and Conditions - Refer a therapist/clinician
    1. This offer rewards a referrer with a one-off £25 John Lewis voucher for each qualifying recommendation that has successfully made it through validation and taken their first patient appointment on the Ieso Digital Health therapist platform.
    2. We reserve the right to extend or withdraw this offer at any time and without forewarning.
  • Recommender

    To qualify for this offer the recommender must:

    1. Be currently working with Ieso Digital Health as a PWP or CBT therapist.
    2. Refer a therapist / clinician by asking them to fill in your name when prompted during the applying process.
    3. Not recommend themselves to Ieso Digital Health.
    4. If the referrer wants to refer other therapists / clinicians, they’ll need to complete a separate referral for each therapist they’re referring.
  • Recommended therapist

    To qualify for this offer, the recommended friend needs to follow the steps below:

    1. Apply to Ieso Digital Health and successfully make it through validation.
    2. Successfully complete their first patient therapy session.
    3. Meet all the normal criteria of engagement (e.g. BABCP qualified).
  • Reward

    If all the conditions above are met, we’ll reward the referrer a digital John Lewis voucher in the sum of £25.

    1. There’s no limit to the number of therapists / clinicians a referrer can recommend.
    2. The voucher will be sent via email.

In an emergency
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