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This autumn, you can build capacity to treat more patients with Ieso, with no upfront cost

We announced in the September 2020 The Times “Future of Healthcare” supplement that until 31st December 2020 our fully managed online CBT service will have no minimum contract value and no financial commitment upfront, to enable any IAPT service to increase capacity without committing budget.

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How Ieso can help

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Prepare for demand

COVID has created huge uncertainty for our colleagues in IAPT. Many IAPT services are experiencing fewer referrals and therefore shorter waiting times but are anticipating a potentially large uptick in demand.

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No minimum contract size

To help you plan for potentially higher demand without having to commit resources, we are offering the Ieso fully managed CBT service with no minimum contract size or duration. This means any IAPT service can put extra capacity in place, with zero commitment.

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Get in touch

We’d love to support you as you plan for the next six months and beyond with flexible, tap-on-tap-off capacity, or even online tools to help you take your own therapy and therapy administration online more permanently.

A reminder of our online CBT service

Online CBT with Ieso is exactly the same as face-to face in almost every way. Patients work 1:1 with their therapist but the conversation is typed instead of spoken. Research has shown that people are just as likely to recover this way*, and many people have said they found it less daunting and easier to be open. Find out more about online CBT with Ieso.

*Kessler, D., Lewis, G., Kaur, S., Wiles, N., King, M., Weich, S., ... & Peters, T. J. (2009). Therapist-delivered internet psychotherapy for depression in primary care: a randomised controlled trial. The Lancet, 374(9690), 628-634.

Ieso's performance in numbers


Over 63,000 NHS patients treated


Recovery rate is 53% (compared with 51% national average**)

** Source: NHS year 2019-20


There is no waiting list to get started and 95% of patients begin treatment within 6 weeks***.

***Source: IAPT June 2020


91% would recommend treatment with Ieso to their family and friends


We are rated 'Excellent' on Trustpilot

"Ieso enabled us to meet our NHS targets for the first time in history."


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More about The Times “Future of Health” supplement

The September edition of The Times “Future of Health” supplement tackles some of the most pressing mental and physical health questions of 2020, including the ethical challenges of covid vaccines, affordable cancer drugs, the race for preventable healthcare and of course, the toll COVID has taken on our collective mental and physical health.

Feeling the Coronavirus pandemic pressure

We know COVID has created major concerns for mental health, but what symptoms are people experiencing, where are their key pressure points and what coping mechanisms are they deploying?

Counting the cost of poor mental health

Employers are more aware than ever of the cost to business of mental ill-health and this article explores how successful they are being at tackling it during COVID

How COVID has changed attitudes to mental health

Antonis Kousoulis (director for England and Wales at the Mental Health Foundation) explores the ways in which COVID has thrust mental health into the mainstream and shares his views on the new types of mental health support that are emerging.

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