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Feel-good resolutions

New Year Resolutions can be punishing, often trying to correct our overindulgence during the holidays and rarely leading to a change in our wellbeing for the better.

Pushing ourselves, denying ourselves, setting rules and unrealistic goals that are hard to meet: while having something to work towards gives us something to focus on, setting the bar too high, could set ourselves up for failure, which could come as a big blow and cause further mental anguish.

So this year, why not set yourself some resolutions designed to encourage, support, nourish and nurture yourself?


Say hello to our #FeelGoodResolutions


• Take your whole lunch break every day and make a conscious effort to spend time away from your desk
• Book holiday and spend time doing things you enjoy
• Make plans to spend time with friends/family once a month
• When you’re really busy, plan time to rest and recover afterwards


• "Leave work on time / by Xpm at least three days a week"
• Be honest about how much time you have to spend on other things when you are already really busy
• Be ok with saying ‘no’ directly, so the other person is completely clear


• Call a friend or family member when you’re feeling down
• "Schedule a call every week with my mum/dad/sister/friend/loved one"
• "Make a regular coffee/running/walking date with a friend for the year"


• "Keep a weekend every month as free as possible"
• Try not to book yourself back-to-back – always leave half an hour between appointments or meetings
• Walk home from the bus taking in the world around you, without getting your phone out


• "Do one thing every month that is pure fun"
• "Join a club or team or start a class"
• Say yes to everything you’re invited to that sounds like real fun


• "Pay someone a sincere compliment every day"
• Show enthusiasm and give real praise to your kids every time they do something well
• Take the time to give your partner and/or children a proper welcome every time they come home and talk about their day


• When you feel like you did a bad job, remind yourself that: “I did the best I could with what I knew and the skills I had at the time”
• "Keep a diary of one thing I’m proud of from today and one thing I’m hopeful for tomorrow"
• Spend your free time with people who make you feel good


• Make small changes to your diet instead of a complete overhaul. Small changes can make a big difference
• "Have a small, delicious treat every single day"


• "Clean one room at a time – the rest can wait"
• When a task is overwhelming, break it down into small, easy pieces and tick then off them one at a time
• When you get stuck, always ask for help from a friend
• Celebrate progress and reward yourself for everything YOU HAVE done


• "Take a brisk walk, however short, every day"
• Allow time to walk or bike a regular journey that you’re used to doing in the car
• Get off the bus one stop before your regular stop and walk instead


• Unfollow anyone on social media whose posts make you feel low or sad about yourself or your life
• Remind yourself that “This isn’t reality” when you look at posts online, and that you are only seeing what people want to you to see
• When looking at celebrity or sponsored posts, remind yourself that “Most people don’t look like this”, as images are often retouched

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