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Learn how to overcome your burnout with online CBT

If you are having a hard time preserving healthy boundaries between professional and personal lives since working remotely and you are feeling burnt out, then a course of online CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) via the NHS can make a big difference quickly. Join over 60,000 people in signing up for life-changing 1:1 therapy.

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Recently, I was overburdened and highly stressed, to the point of burnout.I have to take immediate break from work and I've been recommended to try CBT. I found the therapist very supportive and it really helped me overcome my stress.

Rob, Trustpilot

How online CBT can improve your sleep

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Challenge the way you think

Your CBT therapist will work with you to ‘formulate’ the vicious cycle you are experiencing when it comes to sleep. You'll map out how your thoughts, feelings and behaviours are all connected then work together on a plan for changing your beliefs around sleep.

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Break the cycle

You and the therapist will work together on breaking the cycle.This could involve doing experiments at home in between sessions to test out the beliefs you have towards sleep by doing something differently. These experiments really help you challenge your beliefs.

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Sleep better

Throughout your treatment, you'll continue to practice behavioural experiments, which you'll then talk through your experiences with your therapist the next week. Seeing changes in your beliefs will help build your confidence and develop new sleeping habits that last.

4 reasons to try CBT

(From people who've done it)

  • I noticed progress quickly
    I was initially unsure about online therapy and how it would work, but the rapport with my online therapist was soon built. I can honestly say that from the work I undertook at the beginning of my sessions, my progress, even over a short number of weeks, was really noticeable.
    Amelia, Surrey

  • CBT was new to me
    CBT was a totally new experience for me, and I had no idea of what to expect. It turned out to be helpful in understanding exactly the nature of my problem, and I was led to realise how best to address it.
    Linda, Cambridgeshire

  • Convenient and flexible
    It is easy to do because you can just use a computer from home. Appointments are flexible, even 11pm was ok.
    Kieran, Isle of Wight

  • Typing rather than talking
    I found it better than a face to face session as I had time to formulate answers. And don’t worry about spelling mistakes they are not an issue.
    Bruce, Derbyshire

How to get started

Complete your questionnaires

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Find out if online CBT is available in your area, and sign up for a course of treatment.

Get matched with an Ieso therapist

Complete questionnaires and get matched to a therapist

We just need some information from you at the start to help us to treat you safely and check your treatment is working along the way. Once we have this, you’ll quickly be introduced to your therapist to get started.

Do therapy from home

Start therapy

Your therapist will work closely with you at weekly online sessions to help you change your thought patterns, practice new ways of

Talk through typing

Wait, what? Therapy through typing?!
Online CBT is exactly the same as face-to-face CBT, other than that the conversation is typed on your computer. You’re still in a 1:1 conversation with a fully qualified therapist, usually for 60 minutes. The only difference is that you type your responses. It’s exactly like chatting via a messenger service with friends. You don't need to be brilliant at spelling or worry about using the correct grammar.

You might find online CBT helpful if you:

  • enjoy chatting to friends and family on social media or messaging services
  • like the idea of having a therapist’s undivided attention, without the pressure of being in the same room
  • need sessions at evenings or weekends
  • would like to be able to go back and review the advice you received between sessions and after the treatment has ended

Don’t be put off if you:

  • are not a fast typer
  • have never done anything like this before

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My therapist explained everything so well. Being able to read everything back and message between sessions was also so helpful.


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