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The challenges of motherhood

The challenges of motherhood

There are many challenges in motherhood. Pregnancy and the post-natal period is one of the times in a woman’s life when she may become emotionally vulnerable.

Presented by Kate Tilbury -- Clinical Team Leader here at Ieso Digital Health -- the following webinar was hosted by BetterBirths and highlights the research and practicalities of providing an online Cognitive Behavioural Therapy service (CBT) for women experiencing postnatal depression, stress and anxiety. Kate Tilbury is an accredited CBT therapist with a background in therapy and therapy supervision in various National Health Service (NHS) trusts and Universities across the United Kingdom, and is jointly responsible for the global therapist training and supervision programs here at Ieso.

Both new and experienced mothers frequently prioritise the needs of their family above their own, and can often hold themselves to unrealistic expectations. Mothers can also experience feelings of inadequacy and loss as opposed to the expected feelings of joy after giving birth. This unexpected sequence of emotion can subsequently lead to shame and even guilt, as a result of experiencing these complicated emotional issues after having a baby.

It can be difficult to seek help. Some worry about negative attitudes and the cultural stigma. Parental responsibilities and pregnancy can also make it hard to attend appointments.

At Ieso Digital Health, we are committed to broadening access for women whom require perinatal mental health care. Psychological therapies (such as online CBT) are highly effective and many women won’t require many sessions before they start to feel better.

Presently, access to Online Talking Therapy with Ieso is available in many areas across the UK, please check availability in your area here.

If you feel like you’re struggling with your own emotional health, our accredited therapists can help you to understand why you're feeling the way you are and support you to develop new techniques, strategies and processes that will enable you to start feeling better quickly.

In areas where Ieso's services are not currently available, please visit your local IAPT service to learn more about alternative access to treatment and solutions.

To find out more about our online CBT service, please contact info@iesohealth.com and join the discussion via Twitter and Facebook.

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